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Visiting Agroturismo Ca Na Nina in Mallorca

Before we include a new hotel like Ca Na Nina in our programme, we put it through its paces. Our first priority is to ensure that our guests feel comfortable in the accommodation they book and that each domicile meets the high quality standards we require for inclusion. Each visit also ensures that we can tell you exactly what to expect on site and recommend suitable properties for your holiday on Mallorca as well as in other regions of Spain or Italy.

We met with the owners Eva and Rafael from Agroturismo Ca Na Nina to get an idea of what to expect on site.

Old courtyard, new design

Our car drives through the wide metal gate onto the spacious car park, which can comfortably accommodate 20 vehicles. Eva and Rafael, the owners of the country hotel, welcome us warmly. What lies before us is an old farmhouse that has been lovingly converted into a modern finca hotel with cosy and functional flats. Rafael tells us that they put a lot of emphasis on using only natural and untreated building materials during the construction. The walls are plastered but not painted, the woods for tables and chairs are natural, the floor is unfussy and minimalistic. Rafael proudly shows us his latest projects, such as the sunshade in the breakfast area, which will be fitted with natural bamboo cane next year, or the metal table that will be a real eye-catcher with natural stones and a glass top in the lounge.

History & Modernity

The modern harmonises perfectly with the quiet and natural surroundings of the finca. The old features of the finca have been skilfully integrated and still reflect country life in a modern form. Have you noticed the recesses by the pool, for example? Rafael enthusiastically explains to us that in the past the cows used to stick their heads through here and were fed. Today, this is the boundary that makes the pool childproof. Everything has been thought of here! For example, the entire finca property is accessible by wheelchair and pram. There is also a flat especially for wheelchair users, which is perfectly adapted to their needs.

We let our eyes wander over the surrounding meadows and fields where the sheep graze. It really is quiet - there is only the gentle ringing and now and then a bleating of one of the sheep that belong to the finca. It's the perfect setting to unwind while gazing out over the expansive nature. And then there is Blanca, who comes bleating happily when Eva calls her. The little lamb was raised by bottle and is now the darling of the hotel guests. Just like Vincenc and Gertrudis, the two pretty donkeys, who are always happy to receive a bit of fruit or a carob. Especially children who visit the Finca Ca Na Nina enjoy the four-legged friends who live on the finca.

Rural idyll

The agricultural orientation of the agroturismo is still visible everywhere. For example, right at the entrance to the finca there is a vegetable garden where melons, delicious tomatoes and onions grow and are used for breakfast. On the other side, orange and lemon trees and medlars grow, and in another place there is the herb garden, which guests are welcome to help themselves to when preparing a convivial barbecue on the hotel's own grill. By the way, the guests of the finca don't have to worry about washing up and cleaning the barbecue - that is part of the service of the Hotel Ca Na Nina. Just like the well-stocked bar with coffee machine, where the guests of the finca can help themselves on a confidential basis and later write down and settle their drinks.

Eva tells us - there is room for everyone here. Children find just as much space to play outside and in the playground as adults who long for peace and quiet. The finca grounds are extensive, and the rooms - with two exceptions - have their own entrances distributed around the house. This guarantees a maximum of privacy. Each room has its own charm. The rooms with a pool view and the room with a whirlpool on the terrace are particularly beautiful, because from here guests can enjoy a breathtaking sunset over the meadows and fields at the end of an eventful day.

For whom is Agroturismo Ca Na Nina the right hotel?

We think families as well as couples will feel equally comfortable here, because there is indeed enough space and a lot of peace and quiet on the finca. Children will love the farm animals and will find plenty of space to play outside - yes, and the pool certainly leaves nothing to be desired for water rats. Those who like to be active can explore the neighbourhood with the hotel's own bicycles or comfortably cycle to the next village. But the sea and numerous beautiful bays are also not far from the hotel.

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