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Visiting Finca Ses Cases Noves on Mallorca

From time to time we visit our finca and country hotels so that we can regularly get an impression of the conditions on site. This way we can make sure that each hotel meets the high quality standards of and that we can select and recommend the right hotel for you during our consultation.

It is a mild spring day as our car rolls into the car park of Finca Ses Cases Noves on Mallorca. Some guests are sitting in the sun on the terrace and enjoying the beautiful weather. Maria, who runs the finca together with her husband Pedro and daughter Xisca Maria, greets us warmly - a holidaymaker family is just arriving, flirts a little with the child and enquires about the plans for the day. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed - the day gets off to a wonderfully unagitated start at Finca Ses Cases Noves. While the children are already romping across the lawn and petting the guinea pigs, the parents are still relaxing with a second coffee, which, by the way, can be fetched from the coffee machine at any time.

Holiday on the farm

The historic farmhouse looks inviting and romantic with its red shutters - countless flower pots and the rustling of palm fronds in the wind conjure up almost summery feelings. Miguel leads us around and shows us the rooms, each of which is a little different and has been adapted to the original conditions of the finca. The flats are simply and comfortably furnished, the bathrooms are very modern, lovingly decorated and in different colours. Each flat has a small kitchenette for self-catering, a living area and one or two cosy bedrooms.

Paradise for children

In the living room of the flats there is a bunk bed that can be folded out for one or two children travelling with you. For the little ones, a fall-out protection can of course be fitted or a baby cot can be provided on request. Each flat has its own terrace, which offers a view of the garden and the surrounding countryside. What strikes us immediately is the heavenly peace that surrounds Finca Ses Cases Noves. Only the goats and sheep can be heard bleating from time to time, which is wonderfully idyllic and immediately makes it clear that we are here on a farm, in the middle of greenery - a paradise for children and animal lovers.

Playground and lots of animals

Families in particular love Ses Cases Noves. There is no luxury in the classic sense here - luxury here means spending a relaxed holiday in the countryside. Enjoying time as a couple while the little ones make new friends and romp in nature and children's laughter echoes through the garden. There is a well-maintained playground with seesaw, slide, swing and climbing frame, and behind the pool also a football pitch for the older ones. The highlight for the children are certainly the many animals on the finca. Three donkeys, a cute pony, lots of guinea pigs, chickens and geese, sheep and goats live on the Finca Ses Cases Noves.

Cheese and jam directly from the farm

Pedro explains to us that with Finca Ses Cases Noves, his family and Miquel want to create a place where tourism and country life come together perfectly. The farm's own agriculture is still very much in the foreground here. In the morning, there is fruit and vegetables from the farm's own organic cultivation. At harvest time, there is always a large bowl of fruit and vegetables for guests to help themselves to. The jam for breakfast comes from their own production, as does the cheese, which is made by the finca's own goats. Nature-loving holidaymakers should get to know the original Mallorca here and immerse themselves in Mediterranean country life. Pedro is currently also trying his hand at honey production, so you can be curious.

Childproof pool

The large and well-maintained pool, by the way, is fenced off in a child-proof way. Pedro explains that it was very important to them to create a safe place for children, where parents can also relax and not have to worry about the little ones. We can see immediately that they have succeeded. Relaxed parents enjoy the sun, the kids romp around laughing in the garden or stroke the cute donkeys and goats or the funny guinea pigs.

For whom is the Finca Ses Cases Noves the right hotel?

The Finca Ses Cases Noves is a very familiar country hotel, where especially families with children who want to experience a relaxed farm holiday feel at home. Thanks to its proximity to the charming beaches and towns on the east coast of Mallorca, the small finca hotel is also well suited for those who want to explore the east coast and experience the refreshing Mediterranean Sea. The tranquillity of the finca after an eventful day at the beach is a wonderful contrast to the turbulent life along the promenades and tourist centres. Experience indescribably beautiful evenings in this wonderful place in the company of other holidaymakers at a dinner typical of the country.

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