As soon as you have clicked on "Book with obligation to pay" on the booking engine, the page will open with the selection options for our payment options, which we have carried out exclusively by external financial service providers in order to offer you the greatest possible security.

--> Please note that these payment services are only available to customers with online bookings.

Visa, Mastercard & AMEX

Mundillo Hotels GmbH does not store any credit card data on its own servers. Through our partner six payment services you can pay comfortably with your mastercard or visa credit card.
Please note that for your own security, your card must have the latest security procedures such as Verified by visa and Mastercard SecureCode so that payment is possible. If you have any problems, please contact the card-issuing bank before making a payment. In addition, you should already have registered for two-factor authentication.

More security for your credit card payment: PSD2

Since September 14, 2019 it is even safer to pay online with credit card. The reason lies in the new EU Payment Services Directive "Payment Services Directive 2" (PSD2).

What's new?

Anyone paying online with a credit card should ensure that the card is registered for so-called two-factor authentication. If the card is already registered, nothing changes for you. If your card has not yet been converted, contact your bank to have your card authenticated to two-factor authentication. You can often do this in your online banking account.

What are your advantages?

Thanks to the new PSD2 payment policy, your credit card details are even more effectively protected against misuse because you have to confirm your identity twice every time you pay with a credit card. This ensures that no one else uses your credit card details. If someone steals your credit card, they cannot make a payment unless they have a second identifier. For example, they will need your electronic fingerprint or your email address or mobile phone, which will require you to double-identify with two-factor authentication during the payment process.

Immediately bank transfer with Klarna

If you do not wish to pay by credit card or do not have your card at hand, use Klarna's instant bank transfer service. You do not have to log into your online banking system. The only thing you need for a successful transfer is your smartphone and your banking app.

Klarna is one of the leading payment providers in Europe. Sofortüberweisung is an innovative payment method with TÜV certificate and TÜV-certified transaction security provided by Klarna. Using Klarna's secure payment form, which is not accessible to us, Klarna automatically places a transfer in your online bank account in real time. The amount to be paid by you is transferred immediately and directly to our bank account.

---> Please note that this payment option is only offered to customers from Europe. There are country restrictions.


PayPal customers can make payments conveniently and securely via smartphone using this payment service.