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Visiting Sos Ferres de’n Morey on Mallorca

From time to time we visit our finca and country hotels so that we can regularly get an impression of the conditions on site. This way we can make sure that each hotel meets the high quality standards of and that we can select and recommend the right hotel for you when giving you advice. Today we take you to the hotel check in Sos Ferres de'n Morey on Mallorca.

by Annett Sievers

There are moments when you just want to unwind and look for a place to recharge your batteries. One such place is the enchanting finca hotel Sos Ferres de‘n Morey, a beautiful agroturismo with a magnificent view of the sea, heavenly tranquillity and absolutely charming hosts. Today we show you a very original piece of Mallorca, far away from the hustle and bustle and mass tourism. But with the unique opportunity to enjoy Mallorcan country life with all its wonderful facets.

Such delightful hosts

Agroturismo Sos Ferres de'n Morey is located in the east of Mallorca, among extensive meadows, fields and almond orchards. A private path leads us past vineyards, then the manor house appears, where Marga and Lorenzo have been welcoming their guests for 20 years now.

The two hosts are absolutely charming and welcome us warmly to their small country hotel. Xip comes running towards us wagging his tail. The young border collie is responsible for guest satisfaction here and he does a wonderful job.

Fantastic view of the garden, mountains and sea

The rooms are a cosy dream of typical Mallorcan elements such as terracotta tiles, natural stone walls and wood-beamed ceilings, combined with modern interiors and, above all, very modern, beautiful bathrooms. Each of the only six rooms offers a dreamlike view of the landscape - some even enchant with magnificent far-reaching views all the way to the Bay of Alcudia!

The rooms do not have air conditioning. This is not possible, as Lorenzo supplies the entire finca with environmentally friendly solar power. But the thick walls of the old country houses keep the heat out well and offer a pleasant feel-good climate even in summer. For perfect sleeping comfort, there are shutters that keep the light out but let in the cool night air.

You have never experienced such tranquillity!

Behind the house is the circular pool, nestled in a garden with typical Mediterranean vegetation of olive trees, flowering oleander, acorns and palms. And behind it stretches an endless expanse. The view sweeps across meadows and fields to the horizon, where the mountains of the Tramuntana and the blue of the Bay of Alcudia flash into view. But that is not the only thing that inspires us.

This heavenly peace is unique! No sound penetrates the silence, only the rustling of leaves from the lush olive trees reaches our ears. Sos Ferres de'n Morey is truly the perfect place for a round of detox from our otherwise noisy and hectic times!

Animal lifeguard included

Every now and then, Border Collie Xip pops in to see if the guests might want to give a round of petting or throw his beloved toy around the garden. Xip is popular, all guests are happy when the friendly Border Collie does his rounds in the garden without being intrusive. If you don't pay attention to him, you won't be visited. It's as simple as that. In any case, we immediately took him to our hearts and were very happy every time he crossed our path.

Vegetable garden with thousands of tomatoes

For example, on the way to the vegetable garden. Here Marga and Lorenzo grow an almost infinite number of bright red tomato varieties... and they taste good! Pumpkins, aubergines, peppers and melons also grow here. Figs, oranges, olives and wine - if you spend your holidays on the finca, you can not only experience Mallorca, but also taste it! The fresh fruit and vegetables are then freshly picked in the morning and placed on the richly set breakfast table or are used in the evening for dinner, which the hosts conjure up on request in consultation with their guests.

For whom is the Sos Ferres de'n Morey the right hotel?

We really enjoyed our time at Sos Ferres de'n Morey and immediately took Marga, Lorenzo and Chip to our hearts. If you are looking for a place where you can experience typical Mallorca that is not dominated by mass tourism, then this is the place for you.

Of course, ostensibly it is more a hotel for couples. However, the Sos Ferres de'n Morey is also family-friendly, but you need to know that there are no facilities such as a playground or the like. Xip, however, takes care of the young guests of the finca quite charmingly and those who like to play in nature and discover the world will find ideal opportunities to play under shady trees or to splash and swim in the refreshing pool.

By the way, despite its very quiet location, the hotel is perfect for exploring the island. Manacor or the pretty town of Artà are only a stone's throw away, as are the enchanting bays of the east coast or the wonderful, fine sandy beach at the Playa de Muro.

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