The fincahotels feeling: how a large community was born from the love for Mallorca

In 2006 Annett & Knut travelled to Mallorca, freshly in love. At that time, there were just a handful of finca hotels - small country houses in the middle of greenery, surrounded by vast estates, grazing sheep and gnarled olive trees.

Juan, a friendly Majorcan, was one of the first to convert the old property into a guest house with wooden beamed ceilings and natural stone walls. He made a virtue out of necessity, because the property at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains, dotted with stony ground, ancient, squiggly olive trees, whose harvest was almost impossible, was perhaps completely unprofitable for agriculture. But it was not to be surpassed in Majorcan romanticism. Even today, Annett & Knut can hardly find a more charming place on the island than this one, where the view sweeps far across unspoilt countryside, the sun bathes the valley in a golden light in the morning, while you start the day with your coffee, Mallorcan ham, aromatic orange juice and homemade Gato made from Mallorcan almonds.

(Picture with Juan & Annett, 14 years later).

When Annett and Knut returned from their trip to unspoilt Mallorca, the sweet sound of bleating sheep still sounded in their ears, the scent of olive groves and oranges was still in their noses and their hearts were full of love for this enchanting spot.

A magic dwells in each beginning...
That was the beginning of something great. Love for each other, love of the island, and the birth of A travel portal that was unlike anything that existed back then. A handpicked selection of the most beautiful country hotels on Mallorca, whose operators were eager to show holidaymakers the true face of their island. To tell you where to find the best walking routes, the best local restaurants, the most delicious wine and the most beautiful festivals to immerse yourself in the land, culture and way of life. They all had and still have one goal: to offer you all a temporary home. quickly became a community of people who wanted to discover the magic of this special island, off the beaten tourist track and with a portion of curiosity to explore the adventurous Mallorca on their own, without overcrowded coaches, without reserved sun beds at the pool and pushing at the buffet. They returned and had the same feeling of happiness in their hearts, carried a piece of the real Mallorca home and made sure that more and more small mansions, romantic farms and charming village houses opened their doors for them and offered a glimpse of the romantic side of the beautiful Mediterranean island.

As the community grew...
Quickly their thirst grew to explore other destinations off the beaten track. The start for for further destinations for example on the romantic mainland of Spain, Mallorca's sister islands and also in the country of warm hospitality, excellent cuisine and relaxed lifestyle: Italy. Everywhere there Annett and Knut discovered small, lovingly managed hotels with only a few rooms, agroturismos with organic farming or pretty boutique hotels, each as unique as the people who travel with fincahotels.

Today is a community of thousands of people whose love for individual, gentle tourism has been awakened. Who treat their holiday destination with respect and love, always careful not to change the natural face of the destination, to disfigure it with bed castles and to preserve the true beauty of the region. Who are eager to listen to the sweet sound of the wind blowing through the grasses of the mountains, to feel the untouched nature and to find a place of refuge and deceleration in our hectic times. Those who love to listen to the stories and insider tips of their hosts, to watch the lively hustle and bustle of the children in a market square over a cortado or to dine in the evening in a romantic trattoria on red and white chequered tablecloths while local voices resound through the alleys from far away.

Share your experiences
fincahotels gives this community the possibility of exchange. Under the motto …genau meine Welt! you will find on Facebook the group of the same name for exchange to the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean area, where you can share your experiences, impressions and secret tips with like-minded people. In the blog of the same name, Knut and Annett take you on a trip to romantic Mallorca and share their tips off the beaten tourist track. There, where the holiday bus spits out the package tourists for a photo stop and, after a snap or two, picks them up again, they go on, climbing over fences and climbing rocks to capture the most beautiful corners of the island and share them with their community.

Become a part of this community too. You too can travel to Mallorca, Italy or Spain without changing the charm of these charming regions through mass tourism. Immerse yourself in the culture, way of life and take a piece of the culture, the attitude towards life, the smells and sounds of your holiday destination home with you. Become part of this beautiful world and carry it in your heart, in your memories and your attitude towards life.