Why book with fincahotels.com

Since we launched our hotel portal fincahotels.com in 2008, our goal has been to show holidaymakers a world outside the tourist centres. Prove that holidays can be much more than just queuing at the buffet or the evening sound program with the same music performances, to entertain the holiday guests in the mass tourist centers. We bring holiday guests together with farmers and bring holidaymakers closer to the country and its people. Immerse yourself into a world full of magic and passion.

In 2008 we were obviously way ahead of our time. 11 years ago, no one could have imagined that many years later the goal of travellers would be to focus more on personal development and individuality instead of losing the battle for the best pool lounger. We bring people together. Watch the field workers at work, watch how olives are harvested in the traditional way with swinging wooden poles, hear the bleating of the sheep and enjoy the peace and your very personal space for more individuality.

We support you in discovering the place for your holiday. On fincahotels.com you can choose your personal holiday home from over 350 small hotels in Spain and Italy and book it directly or let our passionate travel experts advise you individually and personally. And that for free. Our goal is to make you happy.

fincahotels.com is the most popular hotel booking portal when it comes to bookings of fincahotels, country hotels and boutique hotels.

When thinking of fincahotels, you do not only think of a rural hotel on Mallorca anymore: By now, the brand fincahotels.com stands for a special lifestyle during the best weeks of the year, for a special way of holidays in unique rural and boutique hotels far away from mass tourism all over south europe and an unprecedented customer service, which you will rarely find at another online provider.

Hundreds of customer opinions testify to the high quality.

In addition to hotel and holiday home bookings for individual and group travel, we also organise company incentives. All this and much more is fincahotels.com, your passionate full service travel agency since 2008.

Your Advantages:


We are happy to help you personally and free of charge on the phone, by live-chat or e-mail with the selection of the right hotel as well as with the selection and booking of individual holiday experiences. Your individual Mallorca vacation from one hand - all this and much more is fincahotels.com. Service is our top priority, because we want your holiday to start at fincahotels.com. Our team of experts is looking forward to working for you. Customer service comes first with us, this is not an effective advertising phrase, but a serious promise from us to you.


If you book your hotel online on fincahotels.com entering of credit card information is - contrary to other hotel booking portals - not required. Data security is important to us. Therefore, in your best interest, fincahotels.com does not require from you to enter this personal payment data.


On fincahotels.com you will only find selected hotels which we know personally through numerous personal visits in recent years or which we have added through recommendations. Each hotel undergoes a quality check before it is admitted to fincahotels.com. A hotel recording on fincahotels.com is not for sale.

If, contrary to expectations, you should have problems in your hotel, you can contact us at any time. As Mallorca is our largest market, we have service staff on Mallorca who can help you with any problems you may have. We do not leave our customers alone, because we want your holiday to be perfect from the first to the last minute.


We offer the same price. Should you be able to get the room you have booked cheaper elsewhere 48 hours after you have received the booking confirmation, we will refund the difference to you at our expense.
conditions: Proof must be provided as a screenshot and a direct link to the offer. The more favourable price must be bookable by us for the purpose of inspection at the time of our inspection.
Excluded from the price guarantee are offers from tour operators (incl. further travel services), time-limited special offers from hotels as well as offers that differ in the travel period, room category and cancellation conditions. Furthermore, our price guarantee does not cover offers from membership programmes, company or group discounts or voucher programmes.


On fincahotels.com there is no surcharge for the mediation service. When booking through fincahotels.com you always pay the same as if you were booking directly at the hotel. And often even less, because we know the hoteliers personally (in contrast to the anonymous hotel reservation portals) and we can negotiate a special price for our customers here and there.

Time and again we hear from customers that they seem to get much cheaper prices from competitors for bookings with children/extra persons. After a short examination we refute this misconception. RESOLUTION: Although you enter that you are travelling with 2 children, the price is often only calculated and displayed for 2 adults.

You will only learn marginally when you rummage through the small print of some of our competitors that all additional costs for extra person(s) have to be paid locally in the hotel and - depending on the type of room booked - are often not already included in the total price.

Competitors act morally doubtfully if necessary

From the customer's point of view, your holiday will cost many hundreds of euros more or you will end up paying the same price as you would have paid at fincahotels.com. An apparently legal, but from our point of view morally doubtful procedure, with the aim that as many visitors as possible place the booking with this supposedly cheapest provider.
On fincahotels.com you will always see the price for all participants.

Furthermore you will not find any hidden costs with our prices. Some foreign agencies or the hotels themselves often display the room prices net on their websites, i.e. VAT is often added to the room price quoted or they initially only offer the room price per person - in the end there is the surprise because suddenly the "double" price has to be paid: With us, you actually only pay what you see in the offer or as a valid daily price in the online booking system for all travel participants - guaranteed no more (price changes and mistakes are reserved).

OUR TIP: Always take a look at the small print on competitors/hotel websites and don't let yourself be "seduced" by the "cheapest" prices, because the different providers fight for every booking customer, and some of them will of course use any means at all.


Our existing customers write for our new customers. Read reviews and ratings from other guests in the hotel profiles. Guarantees no fake ratings or bought guest opinions, because only our own customers can give ratings. We vouch for the correctness of the data. Each rating can be verified by fincahotels.com.
Furthermore you will find - brand new - reviews about fincahotels.com at the rating portal Proven Expert.


Our services for hotel bookers are free of charge. You pay the same as with a direct booking in a hotel. When booking no separate fee is payable. If you cancel you will not be penalized at fincahotels.com: a processing fee for cancellation will not be applied.


In contrast to the anonymous hotel portals, our consulting team is committed to getting your desired room upon request, even if you book online.


You are in safe hands from booking to stay. For this we stand with our name and therefore grant you our carefree safe booking guarantee. To our carefree-secure-booking-guarantee.

Convince yourself of our passionate service and enjoy our personal expert advice and individual support from the first to the last minute. Try us out and see why thousands of customers swear by fincahotels.com. We look forward to supporting you in your holiday planning.

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