Finca Can Beneit Hotelcheck

Visiting the Finca Can Beneit on Majorca

From time to time we visit our finca and country hotels so that we can regularly get an impression of the conditions on site. This way we can make sure that each hotel meets the high quality standards of and that we can select and recommend the right hotel for you during our consultation. Today we take you to the Finca Can Beneit on Mallorca for a hotel check. As the finca hotel has had three changes of ownership in a short space of time over the last few years, we are particularly looking forward to this visit.

by Annett Sievers

All is still right with the world here

Our car jogs along romantic country lanes. While they are lined on the left and right by these natural stone walls so typical of Mallorca, behind them lie fields and meadows with gnarled olive trees and sheep grazing in the sun. Mallorca could not be more typical. Here the clocks tick a little slower, here the world seems to be a little bit better. In any case, the region is far away from mass tourism and offers the perfect backdrop for true deceleration. At the same time, the region is absolutely authentic and little affected by tourism - the perfect opportunity to get to know the real Mallorca!

Like in paradise

Even as we park our car, our gaze wanders over the adjacent garden to the pretty farmhouse with its natural stone façade and inviting green shutters. The lush green lawn is perfectly manicured, green and blossoming everywhere. Bees buzz in the fragrant lavender and the pretty flowering bougainvilleas entwine everywhere in the brightest colours.

Host with passion

We first welcome Toni, whom we have known for many years and hold in high esteem. Toni is a passionate host who previously worked in the best hotels and has now realised his dream of owning his own country hotel. And that he loves making his guests happy is something you can feel in every corner of the romantic country hotel.

Cosiness in perfection

It leads us to our room - a romantic suite with a cosy natural stone wall. Traditional elements such as wood-beamed ceilings and stone floors, traditional beds as well as cosy seating harmonise with high-quality fabrics, blankets and pillows that conjure up a pure feel-good atmosphere.

It is the small details that make guests feel that they are the centre of attention here. Like the well-stocked minibar, which is not filled with the typical classics, but with a hand-selected selection of regional products, such as macarons from a patisserie in Palma or almonds from the region, kombucha and ginger beer from the island. But also the extra cosy towels, an aroma spray by the bed, music box, luxurious beach towels or the soap that smells so good and promises a perfect start to the day.

Heavenly natural idyll

We wander through the romantic garden and actually hear nothing but the lovely chirping of birds and the bleating of the neighbouring sheep. Every nook and cranny of the beautifully landscaped garden is well tended. Moreover, seating and daybeds invite you to linger. The centrepiece of Finca Can Beneit, however, is the pretty pool, which glistens curvaceously and crystal clear in the sun. We enjoy a glass of ice-cold lemonade by the pool and let our eyes wander far over the surrounding countryside below us and the romantic mountain panorama. We are blown away and actually enraptured!

Restaurant Mirabona

For dinner we find ourselves on the terrace, which runs along the long side of the house and offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding villages, the romantic countryside, and in good weather even as far as the sea. Soft, pleasant music plays in the background. Charmingly and attentively, the charming waiters of the Mirabona restaurant now take care of our physical well-being.

We feast on the menu, starting with the delicious, freshly baked bread with olive oil from the finca, the homemade croquettes (a dream!) and the main courses, such as the perfectly grilled fillet of beef and the finely seasoned Tartar de Ternera.

Breakfast the next morning is also served on the beautiful outdoor terrace. The table is served with juice and coffee, a selection of bread and sweet pastries, freshly sliced fruit, cold cuts and cheese. Everything is arranged very stylishly and appetisingly. We order a fluffy scrambled egg and a fried egg with crispy bacon. Perfect!

Perfect location to explore the island

The surroundings around Finca Can Beneit are picturesque and ideal for hiking as well as cycling. Speaking of which, the hotel also offers bicycles for its guests (one even with a child seat) and also has two e-bikes on offer. Romantic mountain villages such as Moscari, Selva or Caimari are located directly in the neighbourhood and therefore offer wonderful destinations for excursions into the romantic hinterland. Furthermore, this region offers a wide range of excellent restaurants and traditional weekly markets.

For whom is the Finca Can Beneit the right hotel?

The country hotel Finca Can Beneit is a beautiful hideaway - perfect for a romantic getaway on Mallorca. Admittedly, with room prices starting at 236 euros in low season, it is not a cheap bed for the night. But if you value good food, excellent service and a special ambience for the best days or weeks of the year, you will love the romantic country hotel Finca Can Beneit on Mallorca. The renewed change of ownership has really done the venerable property good. By the way, Finca Can Beneit is not a typical family hotel. However, children are very welcome. Toni makes our son, who accompanied us today, feel at home immediately.

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