Hotel no longer bookable

Sorry, the hotel you are looking for is no longer bookable with us.
We have five hotel recommendations for you via the links below.

Here we have five recommendations for you

Our hotel experts will be pleased to advise you personally when choosing your Fincahotel. Give us a call on  +49 (0) 3379 34 196 34 or write us!

1. Es Turo

Perfect Finca Rural Hotel for families.

2. Sa Franquesa Nova

Dreamlike finca hotel in the east of Mallorca.

3. Son Cardaix

Fine finca hotel with nice suites close to Arta.

4. Son Marge

Great finca hotel for families close to the southcoast of Mallorca.

5. Ses Rotes Velles

Romantic finca in the south of the island of Mallorca.